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Gotham Avenue School’s “Good Citizens of the Month” are presented with bumper stickers and certificates by Assistant to the Principal Dennis Cowan (back, left).

“Good Citizens” Abound at Gotham Avenue School

“Good Citizens” Abound at Gotham Avenue School

Ten students who display the characteristics of model good citizens were nominated by their teachers and the student council as Gotham Avenue School’s “Good Citizens of the Month” for October/November.

            “They are cooperative, good natured and positive role models,” said Assistant to the Principal Dennis Cowan as he presented the elite group with Good Citizen Certificates and bumper stickers for their proud parents to display.

            Good Citizenship is one part of Gotham Avenue School’s Character Education Curriculum. A new goal from the curriculum is introduced each week to the school’s 700 students. Messages are reinforced daily through morning announcements that reach the entire student body as well as faculty.

            Honorees for “Good Citizens of the Month” are selected under the coordination of Principal Marshall Zucker; Cowan and a council committee. Many of the students selected are teacher helpers or frequently tutor their peers while demonstrating well-rounded behavior and citizenship.

            As well as meeting the school’s character education goals, students also begin to learn their roles as citizens and what it means to be a good citizen in the classroom, school, home, and community — an important part of the New York State Social Studies learning standards.

Good Citizens for the Month, their grades and teachers are:


bulletDarien Abreu, Kindergarten, Nancy Gordon
bulletMaxline Delorne, First Grade, Lorraine Cotugno
bulletIbine Isac, Bianca Baron, Second Grader, Santa Feibus
bulletShaheed Alcide, Second Grade, Courtney Bianco
bulletTyrese Fleurisma, Third Grade, Michelle Covington
bulletSteve Francis, Fourth Grade, Christine Talbot
bulletLucas Mathieu, Fourth Grade, Laura Ciquera
bulletChristian Pierre Louis, Fifth Grade, Terry Lewis
bulletMary Famuyide, Sixth Grade, Dr. Maria Bonich
bulletAndre Whittick, Sixth Grade, Laurie Stadtman


            The mission of the Elmont Union Free School District is to “reach and teach for excellence,” which means continually improving instruction and increasing student achievement. Dedication to this goal is what has earned Elmont New York State

recognition for its “High Performing/Gap Closing Schools,” and as a state “model for

school success.” In partnership with the community, the district holds its students to the highest standards while maintaining one of the lowest per-pupil expenditures in Nassau County.

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