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Motion approved by Officers on July 12, 2008 to Amend the By-Laws. Vote to occur on September 18, 2008.
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By-Laws Amendments approved Unanimously on September 18, 2008.


Article I Name

1 The name of this organization shall be the Locustwood  / Gotham Civic Association.
2. The name of this organization shall also be called Locustwood Estates Association.
3. Locustwood Estates is also referred to as “the Association” within these By-Laws.

Article II Purpose

1 To develop, encourage and foster in the community, attitudes and practices, in conformity with basic concepts of justice and quality of opportunity, which will maintain the social, economic and civic status of the community.
2 To develop, encourage and foster these objectives in the community among all persons regardless of race or creed, who intend to become good neighbors and responsible members of the community. To take a vital part by appropriate action as members of the community in creating discussions and solutions of problems which affect the community.
3 To cooperate with religious, civic, political and business and other community organizations in seeking to maintain the standards of the community on a high level; to provide a suitable place for the meetings of its members; to secure intelligent actions on the part of its officers and committees in the accomplishment of its general purpose.
4 This association in its activities shall be non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-profit.
5. To promote the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the community.
6. To assist in the regulation of the size of buildings and structures, the percentages of lot that may be occupied, density of population, location and use of buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, residence or for other purposes.
7. To restrict areas as historic landmarks, special historic sites, places and buildings for the purpose of conservation, protection, enhancement and perpetuation,
8.To seek out harmony with general purpose and intent in the entire community.

Article III Meetings

1. Regular membership meeting shall be called by the officers once a month on the Third Thursday of each month from September through June.


Article IV Members and Trustees

1. All persons who are residents and their families are accepted in accordance with these by-laws and shall be members. All members in good standing shall be entitled to one (1) vote.
2. Membership is restricted to full time residents who reside within the boundaries of Locustwood Estates. The boundaries are stipulated in Article XI of the By-Laws.
3. Trustee- A trustee shall be a member who will pledge in support of the aims and objectives of the Association.
4. No member of this Association has the power to represent or vote in the name of this Association without the written consent of the President and approval of membership at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.

Article V Order of Business

1. Meeting called to order
2. Pledge Allegiance to Flag
3. Reading of previous meeting minutes
4. Financial Report
5. Reading of Correspondence
6. Old Business
7. New Business
8. Introduce Guest Speaker
9. Meeting open for discussion

Article VI Officers

1. The officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary.
2. President- The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association. He
or she shall represent the Association on public occasions and perform all other duties pertaining to his office.
3. The vice-president shall, in the absence of the president or in case of his
or her inability to act, perform his or her duties. The election of vice-president shall be the discretion of the officers.
4. Treasurer- The treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies belonging to the Association. He
or she shall disburse Association finds. All checks shall be countersigned by the president and treasurer. He or she shall prepare and present monthly financial reports at monthly meetings. This Association shall under no circumstance, loan any part of its finds and these finds shall remain the property of the Association for its legitimate purposes.
5. Recording Secretary- The recording secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Association. He
or she shall read the minutes of the previous meetings.
6. Corresponding Secretary- The corresponding secretary shall at all times keep a correct list of all members, and officers with their full names, addressees, and telephone numbers. He
or she shall prepare correspondence and answer correspondence under the direction of the president. He or she shall notify all members of meeting dates.

Article VII Fees and Salaries

1. All officers shall serve without pay.
2. Officers shall be empowered to employ such professional of technical services as many deemed advisable in furtherance of the objectives of the Association. Such service may be rendered by officers or members for no fee.

Article VIII Voting

1. All voting shall be via voice, and or show of hands, except that a written ballot may be taken for election of officers.
2. Officers shall be elected by general membership for a period of one year. Nominations for all officers should be submitted within a 30 (thirty) day period prior to the last meeting of the current fiscal year beginning September I to the following June 1.
3. Outside Organizations: only elected officers are empowered to vote in the name of this Association, unless stipulated by written consent of the President and approval of membership at a regularly scheduled membership meeting

Article IX Dues

1. Annual dues shall be $5.00 $10.00 per household. Such dues shall be apply to the fiscal year. A membership card signed by the Treasurer of the Association shall be given upon the receipt of the annual dues.
2. The fiscal year shall start in the month of September and end in the month of August.

Article X Amendments

I. These by-laws may be amended upon a motion by any member in good standing, which motion shall be submitted to the officers in writing at least thirty days prior to the next meeting.
2. A two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at the meeting shall be necessary to carry such amendment.

Article XI Boundaries

I. The boundaries of Locustwood Estates shall include all buildings, structures, yards, occupied lots and open spaces within the stipulated borders:
                West: The contested border between the Counties of Queens and Nassau.
                East:  The Western Side of Elmont Road.
                North: Belmont Park Road
                South: Hathaway Avenue follow by Bonta Street, and Murray Hill Street to its Eastern Border.


June, 1989

 Amendment A Dues
1. Annual dues shall be $10.00 per household. Such dues shall be apply to the fiscal year.

 September, 2008


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