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Town of Hempstead Receives Top Recycling Rating

Hempstead Is Greenest Town In Nassau: Receives Top Recycling Rating

Municipalities everywhere are "green with envy" over Hempstead Towns top recycling ranking in Nassau by an environmental advocacy group. In a report released by the Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) that graded fourteen municipalities on Long Island, Hempstead Town came in first place in Nassau County.  

"Hempstead is America's largest township and now we are rapidly becoming its greenest township, too," announced Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray. "We've had a great environmental record and new recycling initiatives that we've undertaken are making our town the ecological leader among local governments."  

The Citizens Campaign for the Environment recognized many Town recycling accomplishments including the "first-on-Long-Island" school based recycling partnership. Another environmental victory for the Town has been its e-cycling effort, which has recycled 373 tons of computers and other household electronics over a 2 year period. CCEs  report also commended the Town for recycling one of the energy resources at the fingertips of residents, CFL (compact florescent) light bulbs. While these energy efficient lamps reduce energy consumption, they also contain highly toxic mercury, which can pollute our planet if not recycled/disposed of properly.  

Hempstead's public education initiatives were recognized and they are largely responsible for the town achieving the highest residential curbside recycling participation rate of any town in the nation (79% participation rate).

"Its truly amazing the reception that Hempstead residents have given our e-cycling program," said Supervisor Murray. "We have already e-cycled more than 373 tons of items, keeping pollutants such as mercury, lead, and arsenic out of the waste systems. The benefits of the e-cycling program are easy to see: residents can properly dispose of old electronic equipment such as unwanted computers, computer peripherals, TVs, and even that now outdated iPod!"

"While the Town is gratified for the high praise, it is also important to remember that we got such a great report from the Citizens Campaign for the Environment by being cutting edge innovators of environmental sustainability, and that is something that will continue for years to come," Supervisor Murray concluded.

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