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Energy Star Homes Wins Approval


Thanks to an initiative promoted by Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, area residents will be seeing “green” houses blossoming around the township. At its March 4meeting, the Hempstead Town Board approved a Murray proposal that establishes energy star requirements for the construction of new homes.

“Conserving energy is key to protecting the environment,” stated Murray. “By creating Energy Star legislation, Hempstead Town is helping to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet while reducing energy costs for homeowners.”

The New York State Energy Star Labeled Homes Program, developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and sponsored by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), is designed to help Long Island home buyers build energy-efficient, comfortable homes that use less energy, which in turn lowers annual energy costs, reduces air pollution and helps protect the environment. Energy Star is administered in New York by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). NYSERDA partners with LIPA to administer the program on Long Island.

The new Energy Star regulation will affect new residential dwellings that are constructed pursuant to building permits issued as of August 1, 2008.

Energy Star Labeled Homes are nationally recognized for saving approximately 30% on home energy costs compared to conventional new homes because they feature “best building practices and technologies” for higher efficiency. Home energy efficiency levels are improved in this program through enhanced insulation, better air sealing, mechanical ventilation, performance tested heating and cooling systems, and high-efficiency appliances, lighting and windows.

“The action the town is taking today demonstrates its understanding that Long Island’s counties, towns, cities and villages can play an important role in helping to make the region more energy efficient and reduce energy costs,” said LIPA President and CEO Kevin S. Law. “It is through actions like these that local government officials can significantly impact the way energy is used. Since the inception of the Energy Star Homes program, there have been more than 500 Energy Star homes built throughout LIPA’s service territory as we work together with our private and public sector partners in implementing these new standards. We look forward to continuing working with you as we on Long Island set a bold new model for nationwide action.”

The town’s Energy Star home construction initiative was embraced by the Long Island Neighborhood Network, noted its Executive Director Neal Lewis. The network has been at the forefront of collaborative efforts with local governments which are focused on green energy, conservation and ecological responsibility.

"Supervisor Murray and the Town of Hempstead are consistently demonstrating leadership on energy and environment issues," said Neal Lewis, Executive Director of the Long Island Neighborhood Network. "This measure will ensure that all newly constructed homes in Hempstead are constructed to a higher standard that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, and will also reduce the energy bills for town residents that live in the town for decades to come."

“This is a win-win program for the town and homeowners alike,” concluded Supervisor Murray. “Homeowners save money on energy bills and all parties are taking positive steps towards helping improve the environment.”

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