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“Teachers of Tomorrow” at Clara H. Carlson Elementary School take a break after mentoring younger students at their school.

Sixth-grader Achsah Thomas helps younger students Nia Balgobin and Deschanel Chery with their reading as part of Clara H. Carlson Elementary School’s “Teachers of Tomorrow” program.


Teachers of Tomorrow

Elmont School District

Administration Offices • 135 Elmont Road • Elmont, NY 11003-1609 • 516-326-5500



Fifth and sixth-graders at Clara H. Carlson Elementary School are getting a chance to go beyond simply being students — they get to be educators as well. The Teachers of Tomorrow program, coordinated by the school’s Assistant to the Principal Stacia Walfall allows qualified, trained student educators an opportunity to become peer mentors to younger children. After going through a rigorous application process, which examines attendance, character and behavior records, as well as academic accomplishments, the mentors visit the younger grades and assist in the classroom, doing art projects, reading and supervising during playtime. This year, 35–40 of the applicants were selected to participate in Teachers of Tomorrow.

            Many of the classroom helpers anticipate future careers in educational fields. School Principal Kenneth Rosner notes that while “some participants aspire to be teachers; all the students want to help make their school a better place through volunteering. It’s a great leadership opportunity and a great experience for everyone involved.” Sixth-grader Achsah Thomas is one of those future teachers. Her most treasured part of the experience has been completing art projects with the younger children, because she likes fostering their creativity. Freeha Khan, a second-year veteran of the program, not only enjoys reading to the kindergarteners in Mrs. Jaeger’s class, but she says she “also likes having the younger students say hello to her in the hallways.”

The mission of the Elmont Union Free School District is to “reach and teach for excellence,” which means continually improving instruction and increasing student achievement. Dedication to this goal is what has earned Elmont New York State recognition for its “High Performing/Gap Closing Schools,” and as a state “model for school success.” In partnership with the community, the district holds its students to the highest standards while maintaining one of the lowest per-pupil expenditures in Nassau County.



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