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Alfano Bill Protecting Immigrants
Locustwood / Gotham Civic Association, Inc

Bill Protecting Immigrants Becoming Citizens from Scam Artists Passes

Thousand of immigrants enter the United States each year hoping to fulfill the American Dream. Many of them try to obtain citizenship so that they can take part in America's opportunities and, in some cases escape tryanny. Unfortunately, for some immigrants, their first experience in America is with corrupt individuals who scam them into applying for citizenship documents from inexperiences and false entities. A new measure Assemblyman Alfano has sponsored puts an end to the praxtice that he terms "a disgrac and embarrassment."
Joining Alfano in sponsoring the bill are Assembly members Jose Peralta (D-Queens), Brian McLaughlin (D-Queens) and Jack McEneny (D-Albany).

"We have to stop illegitimate agencies who fraudulently scam thousands of immigrants out of their money." - Assemblyman Alfano

The bill regulates immigrant assistance services (people or organixations that provide assistance for money) by making rules stopping scam artists from prying on immigrants. The bill provides civil and criminal penalties for misrepresentation. The bill also defines what immigrant assistant services should be, contracts between customers / businesses, prohibited acts, violations and remedies.
Alfano's bill which passes the Assembly unanimously, protects immigrants seeking their citizenship. "This legislation creates guidelines for immigrant assistance services," said Alfano, adding, "we have to stop illegitimate agencies who fraudulently scam thousands of immigrants out of their money. Immigrants deserve a fair and equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream. This is a crucial step in the right direction."
Assemblyman Alfano concluded by adding, "Many immigrants enter the United States with littie or no money with the desire of improving their way of life. It's unfair for these people to spend what little money they have for unauthorized citizenship papers. Families can't afford making the costly mistake of giving a large percentage of their money to scam artists promoting citizenship. These guidelines will regulate immigration services and protect people."