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April 2003 Minutes
Locustwood / Gotham Civic Association, Inc

April 24, 2003
7:45 P.M. Pledge of Allegiance.

Ruth Jakab thanks the membership on its decision of the New Board.

*March Minutes were approved.

*Financial: $102.59

C.C.C. Delegates: Helen Odon Report:

People buy addresses to bring children to our schools.

Library Director said that they are negotiating 4 acres to build a new library on the Alva T. Standforth property.

Traver Gordon, is a contractor that scams people.

Jamaica Square are fighting to get rid of the block cements on Plainfield Ave.

Steve Gullo, also commented on the A.T.S. proposition.

Mrs. D. Doreson introduced to the membership as she swore in the new board. She asked to wait for Dr. Palandra to be in attendance before the ceremony could commence.

Dianne Doreson:

Negotiations with the library and the High School attorneys are involved with the 4 acres in the front west corner of the property. The auditorium section will also be included. The idea is to create a state of the arts center for Elmont.

The rest of the property would be developed into sport fields. Anyone in the communities of the Sewanahaka C.H.S.D. can use the property with proper permits.

Ruth Jakab introduced Dr. Palandra.

Dr. Palandra:

The Superintendent of the Elmont Elementary Schools introduced the new school budget and explained the process of how the budget is prepared.

There are about 4,500 students in the district with 545 new students coming in and about 300 or so leaving.

38 new students require individual special education.

Dr. Palandra commented that no deliveries are allowed without prior notification due to security reasons.

Candidates for the school board: Kennith Williams, Joy Madera, Patrick Nicolossi and Sam Glaser introduced themselves.

May 15 will be an open meeting for all candidates.


Letter from the Town of Hempstead requesting traffic control has been adopting in reference to the no truck signs.

On April 16, Ruth Jakab and Rosemary Haigh attended the hearing of the "Antenna".

Town of Hempstead Board of Appeals are studying the permit to Omnipoint.

Mushly-Nelson attorneys of Omnipoint wrote a letter saying that the property has to be beautified within 3 months.

Elmont Fire Department will have its 75th Anniversary and will have a parade on June 21 at 6 P.M. The Civic was invited to parade. Members of the civic then supported to march.

Motion to change article IX of the civic by-laws.

The amendment was to change the dues of the civic from $5.00 to $10.00. Motion was approved unanimously.

50/50" Wildred Claudi won $8.00, the Civic gain $9.00

Meeting was motioned to adjourned.