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Hurricane Safety


Message From Town Supervisor: Kate Murray

Hurricanes can cause extensive property damage and major power outages. That's why it is important for all Town of Hempstead residents to familiarize themselves with hurricane safety procedures.

To deal with extreme weather conditions, Hempstead Town has developed an Emergency Disaster Preparedness Plan and coastal evacuation routes have been established. These routes are clearly marked with round blue and white signs that provide direction to pre-designated evacuation sites.

As a valuable tool to assist residents during a natural emergency, the Town of Hempstead's Department of Public Safety has compiled the "Guide to Hurricane Safety". In the event of an emergency, the town website's homepage will have a flashing indicator to provide residents with up-to-date information.

The town takes seriously its responsibility of protecting residents. Your safe and orderly evacuation during a hurricane or other emergency situation to a secure, well-provided shelter and your safe return home is our top priority.

Before The Storm: Get Ready

bulletDevelop a family preparedness plan before an actual storm threatens your area. Select several places such as a friend's home in another town or a motel or shelter. Keep a list of their phone numbers and a road map handy.
bulletCheck with your veterinarian or local American Red Cross Chapter for information on where to shelter your pets in the event that you need to evacuate your home during a storm.
bulletRemove damaged and diseased tree branches as soon as you notice them. Strategically remove branches to make trees more wind resistant.
bulletIf a hurricane is approaching, listen for weather updates on local radio or television station. Organize your emergency supplies.
bulletClear your yard of loose objects such as bicycles, lawn furniture, hanging plants and trash cans. Anchor all other objects (no matter how heavy or large) that can not be moved.
bulletBoard your windows and doors. Taping windows will not prevent them from breaking, but may reduce the risk of flying glass. Open indoor trap to attic and close all windows.
bulletDo not drain your pool completely. Lower water levels one foot to accommodate heavy rains. Add extra chlorine to prevent contamination. Cover the pump system.
bulletIf you store a boat in your yard, lash it to your trailer securely. Let the air out of the trailer tires and secure the trailer to something sturdy in the ground. If you store your boat in a marina, check your contract; some require that you move it when a hurricane watch is issued. You are responsible for your boat.
bulletBe sure your automobile is ready should you have to evacuate. Fill your car's gas tank. Check oil and water.

What You Need at Home

bulletA 3 to 7 supply of drinking water per person (one gallon of water per person per day)
bulletCash (with a power outage, ATMs and banks may not be operational, businesses may not be able to accept checks or credit cards)
bulletPrescription medications and prescribed medical supplies
bulletA 3 to 7 day supply of non-perishable canned or packaged foods
bulletA manual can opener
bulletPortable radio and at least five extra sets of batteries
bulletFlashlights for each member of the family and extra batteries
bulletFirst aid kit including sterile gloves, antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, thermometer, bandages, nonaspirin pain reliever, eye wash, etc.
bulletOne change of clothing and shoes per person
bulletCharcoal, Ice and cooler
bulletInfant necessities (medicine, sterile water, diapers, ready formula, bottles)
bulletToilet paper, paper towels and pre-moistened towelettes
bulletCamera and film
bulletClean-up supplies (mop, buckets, towels, disinfectant, plastic trash bags)
bulletEmergency tools (wrench, pliers, etc.)
bulletA non-electric telephone

Important Telephone Numbers and Links

American Red Cross(516) 747-3500
Long Island Power Authority(800) 490-0025
   To Report an Outage(800) 490-0075
Nassau County Department of Health(516) 571-3410
Nassau County Office of Emergency Management (516) 573-0636
   After Hours (516) 571-9627
Nassau University Medical Center(516) 572-0123
New York State Emergency Management Office(518) 457-2200
Town of Hempstead (516) 489-5000
   Public Safety (516) 538-1900
   Water Department (516) 794-8300
      After Hours and Weekends (516) 794-8181

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service Eastern Region


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