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Locustwood / Gotham Civic Association
Elmont, Long Island, New York 11003

Next Meeting:

Next Meeting:
April 16
7:30 PM



Locustwood Gotham Civic Meeting Announcement

Next Meeting:

December 18, 2008
7:30 PM
Elmont Memorial Public Library


On December 5, the Association and the community lost a great leader when Mr. George Melnicky passed away at St. Albans Veterans Home. Mr. Melnicky served in the US Army during World War II from 1944-1945 and later stationed in Europe from 1953 to 1957. His service displayed his courage and dedication to his country. Locally, we will remember him as a man who fought to lower taxes and a man who sought for maintaining a quite, suburban community. He had served as Treasurer of the civic for over a decade and was instrumental in reuniting the Locustwood and Gotham areas as a whole. Mr. Melnicky was always proud of the civic representing the largest constituent base in the Town of Hempstead. We will miss him not only for being a Veteran, or being a community leader, but also for being a great individual. The Association, on behalf of its constituents of the Locustwood Gotham area, from Huntley Road to Elmont Road, we would like to share our condolences and sympathies to Mr. Melnicky’s wife, Elfrida Melnicky and his extended family. His spirit and his dedication will surely continue in the Association, as well as throughout the community.


We would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. The Association would like to send a special salute to all our veterans, the true American heroes who served our country so bravely a healthy and wonderful holiday season. We also want to extend our heart felt support and best wishes to all the men and women who are serving our great country overseas and their families. May the New Year bring peace to our world and may nothing but good things happen to us all.


The first part of our meeting will focus on old business and current matters that need to address to the membership. The second part of our meeting, as per annual tradition we will commemorate all our activities of the year. This part of the meeting is intended to unite all our members, neighbors and friends to reminisce the happenings of the year and to get together to discuss the future of our organization.


The Association was founded on March 19, 1929 mission was the development and preservation of all lands surrounding Belmont Park for maintaining the quality of life needed to raise a family. Through the years, the Association’s name has varied, however our mission never had. The Association has served for nearly 80 years, as the “Voice of the People,” more specifically the voice of the neighbors of Belmont Park.


We had a large turnout at our November meeting and we are looking forward for a larger one at our next meeting. Together we can make our neighborhood the best place to live. Come on down on the 18th at 7:30 P.M. at the Elmont Public Library and be a proactive component of our community. Bring your family, neighbors and friends. It is always great to see our neighbors together supporting a positive cause. We are looking forward in seeing you there.


Happy Holidays!


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