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Alfano Deals Knock-Out Blow to Realtors
Assemblyman Tom Alfano today announced that he has entered into a framework agreement with the New York Department of State relating to extending and opening the “Cease and Desist Order” for Realtors. The agreement outline will cover the entire Elmont, Franklin Square, West Hempstead, Floral Park, Bellerose Terrace, North Valley Stream and South Floral Park communities. In essence, the new “cease and desist order” will outlaw realtors from pressuring and block-busting neighborhoods and communities.

Alfano announced the agreement after a meeting he held with Deputy Secretary of State. “This is a knock-out blow to realtors who have preyed on our communities with countless solicitations for people to sell their homes. The tactics they use in block-busting are outrageous and are going to be stopped cold in their tracks. The fines will be heavy and realtors who break the order will be prosecuted- no exceptions,” Alfano said.

This upcoming Monday, Alfano is holding a meeting in Albany with the Deputy Secretary of State to outline the timeline for a public hearing and a timetable to execute the new “cease and desist zone.” “Residents will be asked to come to a public hearing on this issue. I don’t expect we’ll have any opposition and I bet we have a full house,” said Alfano.

“The Tri-Community Alliance, EQL and countless civic organizations from Elmont to West Hempstead have been looking for a way to stop realtors from the barrage of calls, leaflets and mailings to have residents sell their homes and, in some cases, using tactics to create the illusion that prospective homebuyers can create illegal two-family residences. I heard their concerns and they are absolutely right to take this giant first-step with our community at large I want to thank Secretary of State Randy Daniels for listening and coming to the aid of the 21 Assembly District.”

Alfano noted that Secretary Daniels visited the Elmont community some 5 months ago where he held a “Town Hall Meeting” with the Gotham Avenue School in which Daniels got to see the 21 district up close.