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Next Meeting:
April 16
7:30 PM



November 15 Meeting Review

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2007
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: The New Elmont Memorial Public Library
Guest Speaker:
Martin Carroll, Town of Hempstead Sanitation 6 Secretary to the Board

Our November 15th meeting was a very informative and provided much insight into the functioning of our sanitation district.

The meeting started at 7:40 PM with the pledge of allegiance. Executive board present included, Ruth Jakab, Bob Barker, and Isabel Rodriguez. Absent were Jean Lewis and Douglas Hannon.

Last month minutes were stated and passed as read. Civics' budget statement was read and passed unanimously.

There were several correspondences. Includes, letters from the Town of Hempstead in regard to flue shots, pets adoptions and energy saving; as well as from our local school in regard to students being awarded for distinctive achievements and support for the Dad's Club food drive.

The members present were informed of letters, fax copies and Town of Hempstead notification in regard to the potential placement of additional cellular phone antennas at the corner between Locustwood Blvd. and Sussex Road. The request for permit is currently placed on hold indefinitely. The civic approved unanimously the letter sent from the civic to Town Councilman Ambrosino regarding the matter.

Mrs. Jakab then introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Carroll, a representative from Sanitation 6. Even though the members bringing up concern to certain things in the last meeting were not present, the civic informed him of the garbage, debris and litter that is located on Heathcote, Wellington and 106th. Mr. Carroll informed the membership that litter on the street, such as street cleaning and sweeping, including that of snow is the responsibility of the Highway Department. The sanitation department function to the community has to do with garbage pickup and collection.

Sophia mentioned that there are times in that garbage have fallen or spread on the streets during pick up, and often times she had to complain to the sanitation workers to clean up the mess. Mr. Carroll mentioned that it is the responsibility of the sanitation workers to pick up any garbage that is dropped while performing garbage pickup and collection. This is the reason why the trucks are equipped with brooms and shovels.

The recycle trucks (blue / gray) collect once per week, one side being newspapers and the other cans, etc. The expenses for garbage pick up is about $85 per ton for normal garbage, and $45 per ton in recycled refuge. Sanitation has worked via a grassroots approach with schools in improving recycling.

Garbage cans should include a removable lid no more than 42 gallons or be placed in secure garbage bags. Mr. Carroll noted that garbage cans should be brought back and returned corrected to the side of the curb, or where they were originally placed. It is the duty of the supervisor to make sure that this is done correctly.

A neighbor of Ms. Marcellin brought her concerns in that the sanitation workers are moving too fast, especially on Locustwood Boulevard, and often times it is difficult to pass, especially with narrow streets in our area.

Mr. Carroll noted that the recycle pick up, may not pick up recycled products such as newspapers placed in clear bags, (like in the city) because it may be confused with regular garbage. Recycled garbage should be in the orange bucket.

The sanitation department does not have authority in issuing fines, only summons. This responsibility lies within the Town of Hempstead Code Enforcement.

It was brought to his attention that Wendy's location needs to be cleaned more often, and perhaps issuing summons to them for cleaning up their litter. It was recommended that the boxes on Hempstead Turnpike, specifically the one near Wendy's be emptied more often. Mr. Carroll mentioned that the baskets are cleaned three times a week. He will bring the issue up, to see if there is a possible resolution to do more in this regard.

Mr. Carroll mentioned that there is the S.T.O.P. program where items such as oil based, pesticide, chemicals and hazardous waste could be handled.

Someone questioned if Sanitation could work to help with the illegal apartment dilemma. Mr. Carroll noted that the amount of garbage can not be correlated to number of residents in a household, nor could be determination of whether there is an illegal apartment at that location.

Enforcement is the problem in our area. We have John Sandi and Norman Felder, as our Town of Hempstead Code Enforcement workers. It was recommended to create a letter seeking the Town to grant the Sanitation Department the authority to enforce. A list of places and areas needing the most attention will be created.

Sanitation has been functioning the same way since 1929. Mr. Nicolosi suggested consolidating services to save on expenses. However Sanitation 6 is divided into 2 zones, and employ 150 individuals.

Committee Reports:
Sustainable Long Island: will have a meeting later in the year.
Schools: Our local schools have been integrated smart boards into more classrooms. Additionally, Mr. Ragona, mentioned that Elmont has improved the substitute teacher system, in how teachers will become more available, by making Elmont more competitive in their availability.
C.C.C.: New officers will be presented,

Open Discussion:
Several members were displeased by the notion that several of our representatives are forcing the casino upon us.

Additionally, there was the issue of a red big rig truck parking in our area over night and during the day. The issue has been brought up to the police, and is continued being monitored.

December 20th will be the next meeting and holiday / year end celebration.
Meeting is adjourned at 10:05 PM.


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