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April 16
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April 21, 2001

The Three Village Times, posted on April 21, 2001 a reflection of problem, project and challenges that Locustwood Boulevard presented itself. A link of the article can be found via Three Village Times. The opinion is shown below.

The Importance of Locustwood Boulevard

The Locustwood Boulevard and its interesting history should be recounted. During several years being vice president of the Locustwood/Gotham Civic Association, I have received numerous calls from neighbors complaining about the non-appealing appearance of the isle on Locustwood Boulevard and that nobody did anything to "clean up" the problem. I tried to help, the most that I can, by talking to the gardeners and the contractor that work on the isle, and neighbors that live in the area. Until later the members of the Civic united on October 2000, to help the neighbors in the area resolve the problem of the isle on Locustwood Boulevard. On that meeting of the Locustwood/Gotham Civic Association we had Councilman Joseph Kearney as our speaker. He took charge of the problem, and from then on, the process of the Beautification of Locustwood Boulevard came into effect.

Locustwood Boulevard is an important artery into the residential area of Elmont. It's also by the entrance of Nassau County. Fixing up the boulevard goes beyond the satisfaction of the neighbors in the area, but as a landmark of suburban life. It took a lot of work, dedication and time to bring the project into effect. Passing out fliers, talking with neighbors, going to meetings to name a few activities which people did for the better of the community. I'm so satisfied and pleased that such effort existed, and even more pleased by the dedication of the work that people placed into the project. The Locustwood/Gotham Civic Association had a meeting with the Town Hall, in which Town Supervisor Richard Guardino gave us a warm welcome, and along with Mr. Kearney they gave us their word to help resolve the problems that are affecting Elmont.

After that meeting, work on the isle started to go into effect. At 8:30 in the morning, one neighbor on Locustwood Boulevard, who was unaware of what was going on called me. Thus, I informed the individual what transpired at the meeting and that the beautification of the boulevard is underway. To be noted, from then on, nobody else called. A couple days later the isle on Locustwood Boulevard was completely renovated. From my view, the isle ended up being a beautiful job and worth receiving attention. Even if it is the band from Elmont Memorial coming and playing in its inauguration. It'll be very nice if this is possible.

What I do like to ask the neighbors is to please put water, especially in hot temperatures. In that way, the isle will continue to stay beautiful and everybody can enjoy its beauty.

Additionally I would like to thank Supervisor Richard Guardino and Councilman Joseph Kearney for keeping their word to their constituents. We hope that we can continue to work together for the good of everybody and also to serve as an example of unity.

Everybody who lives in Elmont should pass by Locustwood Boulevard and see the beautiful job that was done.

Ruth Jakab

Vice President

Locustwood/Gotham Civic Association

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