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April 2, 1999

The Three Village Times, posted on April 2, 1999 a reflection of the potential dangers of reassessment. The editorial published can also be found via Three Village Times. The opinion is shown below.

Property Tax Assessment

The only motivations to change the current property tax assessment system are personal or political ambitions. The current system is not in any way discriminatory to any race or culture. Those who believe it is are fooling themselves.

Living in Elmont, for over 20 years, I have seen major changes in my community including the change from a mostly majority population to a minority one. However one thing that hasn't changed are the property taxes, they stay the same. People who moved know where they are going to, and they must be aware of the taxes of what they are going to pay. Reassessment is not going to solve any so called problem. If anything it will do, is create more problems by doubling or maybe even more the taxes we have already.

But where is the huge problem which the federal government has to intervene? Where is the discrimination? One hundred percent reassessment is almost an idea in which someone who doesn't understand the assessment process could come up with. Common sense shows that the current system is working perfectly fine. Why change it? Well, if you really are upset about your property assessment, you are entitled to go to court to challenge it. Why for a couple of people think it is better that everyone must reassess, that the whole would have to suffer?

The assessment isn't "slavery." No one is telling you or forcing you to live in Nassau County. It is your choice and your will. With that, it requires responsibility. This isn't an issue that "whites" are paying less than "blacks." Assessment is an issue that whites and blacks are paying almost the same. So what does the Civil Liberty Union want in the Nassau County Assessment system? Affirmative action, or perhaps segregation? The motivations aren't clear, but they do seem political.

We must look out for the best of the community. I as a community leader for many years, see this as a crisis. One hundred percent reassessment will be the worse thing that can happen to our property taxes. Once again, if anyone believes that they are unjustified with their assessment, there is always the courts to handle that.

Leave the property assessment alone. It hasn't been changed for a long time for a reason, and it shouldn't be changed. One hundred percent reassessment is a horrible idea, and I strongly oppose it.

Ruth Jakab


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