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Locustwood / Gotham Civic Associaion, Inc.
Next Meeting Information

Thursday, January 20

Elmont Public Library

7:30 PM

We are arriving to the first meeting of 2005 with many things to be done for the community of Elmont. I hope that we will cooperate in working together because if we can’t work together, there is little that we can achieve. Unity is important because when there is unity, there is strength and productivity.

With the disasters that are occurring around the world, we are very fortunate to be able to work united for the betterment of our community and of all human beings. There are many things that we all should be thankful for. I ask each member of our civic association to attend this important meeting on January 20th at 7:30 PM.

Unfortunately, we have lost an important person on the eve of the New Year, Elizabeth Schelchter, the widow of our dearest former president Matt Schlechter. We will always remember the hard work that she has done behind the scenes throughout the years. The community, and the members of our civic will really miss her.

We also learn that in 2004 that our Elmont School Superintendent Dr. Maria Palandra was awarded the Person of the Year. We congratulate her on this well deserved recognition, and we wish Dr. Palandra many successes in the rest of her career

In other news, we found out that Mrs. Deonna Doreson has chosen to step down from the Elmont School Board after so many years working for the community. Mrs. Doreson was a member and former School Board President of the Elmont School District and additionally was a representative on the board of the Sewanhaka Central High School District. We thank her for her services throughout the years to help the Elmont Schools to be molded to what it is today.

The civic association has a new vice president as Steve Gullo resigned from his post. The new vice president is Bob Barker who seems dedicated in making our civic grow and working together in achieving positive results in the community.

The Locustwood / Gotham Civic Association represent over 1,500 homes and it is essential for all residents to participate. We all have busy schedules to keep, but preserving the quality of life, and your neighborhood is too important to miss. Together we can make Elmont the best place to live anywhere.

Our doors are always open to all officials. Please call at 516-488-2858 if you plan on attending in order to accommodate the agenda. Come on down on the 20th at 7:30 P.M. at the Elmont Public Library and be a proactive component of our community. Bring your family, neighbors and friends. It is always great to see our neighbors together supporting a positive cause. We will have a 50 / 50 drawing at the end of the meting. We’re looking forward in seeing you there.